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BMW was established in 1916, however the automotive branch didn’t really get underway until 1928 and in 1917 the iconic BMW emblem was invented. This emblem has largely remained the same throughout the history of the brand. After WWII BMW would make its first 6 seater car the 501. Although it wasn’t a great commercial success it did cement the BMW name as an exciting and technologically advanced company.

After many years of being a solde German company in 1972 BMW opened its first plant in South Africa where the BMW 3 series was launched in 1984. They went on to open production plants in the USA in later years. They now have a range of 10 series cars, and 2 performance automobiles.

BMW Models

  • Series 1
  • Series 2
  • Series 3
  • Series 4
  • Series 5
  • Series 6
  • Series 7
  • Series 8
  • X
  • Z4
  • M
  • i

BMW 1 Series

A vivid presence full of irritation and burning to my heart in a moment. Urban heroes take away people's mind with sporty design, dynamic driving performance, even more perfect connectivity. It is not just a fast run on the street, but also one that has performance that can respond to every requirement at high speed on the Internet. A slight change brings great freedom. If it expresses the exterior design of the BMW 1 series, it is exhausted as one word of "dynamic". Ideal silhouettes and an insatiable passion for the sports that breathes in every corner will attract people from all angles. Design that harmonizes perfectly with each detail thoroughly stretched to the limit. Whichever model you select, its high degree of completion will not change. Pure pleasure rises as you accelerate straight, and adrenaline overflows every time cornering. BMW's unique direct steering, a precisely tuned suspension, and an ideal weight distribution around 50:50 will realize an agile performance that shakes your heart. BMW 1 series equipped with a new generation engine condensed BMW's innovation technology behind the expansive engine hood. The overwhelming driving dynamics without comparable people in the compact class can be said to be the very essence of an athlete.

BMW 2 Series

The BMW 2 Series Coupe has established a completely new category by bringing in unique joy. A thoroughly awareness of sports is full of lively feeling even when it is stopped. And the dynamics of FR (rear wheel drive) which produces outstanding agility and excellent handling and the high comfort brought by special interior will make the driving experience perfect. Those who dominate your mind from the moment you put yourself in the cockpit. It's just the impulse that I want to rush through all the way in front of my eyes. The BMW 2 Series Coupe condensed the original essence into a compact body. From the front adopting the newly designed Gidney • grill to the fearless rear which stands out wide tread, it sticks to the aesthetic of sticking and presents a new style. Among other things, the gentle sloping roof line emphasizes the dynamic silhouette and makes the sporty individuality recognized at a glance. Targeting the pole position: Driving of the BMW 2 Series Coupe with powerful acceleration performance and precisely tuned suspension is an exceptional experience. Unleash your mind, please enjoy pure dynamics. Further appeal of the BMW 2 Series Coupe, it is cutting-edge connectivity and intelligent mobility services. With innovative BMW Connected Drive, you can seamlessly connect with various services, applications and fulfilling entertainment while on the move. Impulse to motor and sports that can not be suppressed, thrilling dynamics, exceptional agility. The BMW M240i Coupé delivers the best performance in all aspects. Especially in cornering, a number of high-performance components such as adaptive M suspension, M sports / brake, 8 speed sports, automatic transmission etc. that set low car height are perfectly interlocked, bringing a pleasant feeling of sports driving is. And, uncompromising run that the intense power of maximum output 250 kW [340 ps] will come true. There is no room for doubt that the experience will be phenomenal.

BMW 3 Series

Indicator of sports / sedan which continues from 1975. That is the BMW 3 series sedan. In the 6th generation model, everything is enhanced to a higher dimension, such as dynamic design, unmatched agility, excellent practicality, and it is deepening its appeal. The weight allocation around 50:50 and the traditional FR (rear wheel drive) concept brings exciting sports and driving, the powerful and highly efficient gasoline engine and diesel engine with BMW EfficientDynamics technology breathed outstanding dynamics with breathtaking excitement It realizes low fuel consumption. In addition, the intelligent four wheel drive system BMW xDrive * demonstrates maximum traction on every road. Regardless of the standard model, of course, Sport, Luxury, M Sport, whichever model you choose, the BMW 3 Series sedan must be able to make all your wishes come true.

BMW 4 Series

It is a sporty performance that gives an impact on all streets. Please check its running and appearance deprived of heart. More dynamic, agile and comfortable. The uncompromised finish that pays close attention to everything in design, presence, and operability will make driving pleasure new meaning and make enthusiasts crazy. It is the birth of a breathtaking sports coupe. The BMW 4 Series Coupe fascinates you for a moment with its overwhelming dynamics. The perfect interaction of the high power engine with optional variable sports steering, adaptive M suspension and 8 speed sports automatic transmission brings sporty joy of pleasure in every situation. And your confident full of smile must gather the eyes of envy. If there is an ideal form for a sports coupe, the design of the BMW 4 Series Coupe is just perfect. The streamlined roof line and the undulating side shape interwoven, an impressive form. Its fearless style intensely appeals dynamic presence. A stunning fusion of beauty and agility to express true sports. The BMW 4 Series Coupe will satisfy your feelings of pursuing a perfect one for your thoughts.

BMW 5 Series

Our mission, that is to establish new standards. The BMW 5 Series sedan is one unprecedented unit that embodied everything the new athletic athletes wanted. Dynamic and elegant appearance that makes you expect the possibility beyond class. Together with the beauty filled with its dynamic feeling, please enjoy the pleasure of driving that cutting-edge technology brings. Powerful BMW twin power turbo engine, intelligent lightweight construction, integrated active steering for outstanding handling and agility, and driving performance control with new adaptive mode * . The 5 Series sedan, which combines BMW's advanced technology, was designed to bring out an extremely dynamic driving experience. It means always becoming a leading entity. Driving assist plus will be the best assistant for you. You can leave important but monotonous tasks and free drivers from cumbersome operations. Automatic operation is enabled when traffic congestion or car flow is slow or when traveling over long distances. Even during lane change, the system always supports driving while giving top priority to safety.

BMW 6 Series

Outstanding power. There is a message clearly transmitted when the V 8-cylinder BMW twin power turbo engine mounted on the BMW 650i shakes the air. A richly resonating exhaust note will powerfully speak to the existence of the power to fall. The best impression that only BMW 6 Series Coupe can taste. It brings unparalleled performance that makes the breasts ring. A characteristic wide line from the front stretches along the bonnet. Furthermore, it rises from the front window, flows through the roof and flows to a powerful rear.The character line which elaborately flows on the side creates impressive shadows and emphasizes the outstanding luxury and sportiness of the BMW 6 Series Grand Coupe, elegance that strikes the chest.A dark chrome finish tail pipe, a chrome insert on the rear skirt, and a door mirror and Kidney grille that integrated the turn indicator highlight the elegant and sporty appearance. Especially Kidney • grille has a new design, as well as a newly designed large intake, we add a rich look to the front face. Also, Adaptive LED headlights give sharper shine. This attractive styling, coupled with new body colors such as BMW Individual Frozen Brilliant White, for example, takes away hot eyes at all times.

BMW 7 Series

The BMW Group has a tradition of creating a future for automobiles. That is because it is believed that the best way to find hope in the future is to create a future with your own hands. The BMW 7 series can be said to be a masterpiece that made the future appearance that the luxury sedan should be born in modern times. Impressive, highly efficient dynamics. Innovation that transforms the flow to now. And comfort and modern design that will become a new benchmark. Everything is the future itself. "The BMW 7 series is nothing more than what we expressed with our interpretation of what the modern luxury sedan should be. Sensual form and comfortable interior are of course important for thinking about design At the same time, however, I was convinced that innovative technology and high quality are also important facts in design.With design development, we embraced the concept of "harmony with technology", which is progress We brought unprecedented excitement that technology is perfectly transformed into designs. "BMW design division chief Karim Havib. As a pioneer, constantly innovate the world of automobiles. That is a motivation for BMW engineers. And now with the innovative technologies such as BMW gesture control, BMW laser light and remote control parking, the BMW 7 series set new standards for the future. Tablet BMW Touch command which can operate many functions is also adopted for the first time in BMW.

BMW 8 Series

Impressive down to the last thread. While outstanding paint finishes bring out the appearance of the BMW 8 Series Coupé, luxurious materials with stylish contrast stitchings and classy decorative elements enhance the sporty interior – imbuing it with a particularly high-quality look. This is especially emphasized in the positioned perforations and special quilting of the optional multi-functional seats. Combining top performance with the highest quality and creating an extremely sporty and elegant ambience in the interior. Pure dynamics, pure acceleration, pure thrills – with the TwinPower Turbo 8-Cylinder petrol engine with 4.4 liters displacement and 390 kw (530 hp), the BMW 8 Series coupe pushes both the RPM counter and the driver’s pulse to the limit in record time. One thing holds true above all else: The Curvier it is, the more fun it is to drive. The Luxury sports car takes power and precision to the next level with its exclusive racing features. With the smooth running TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine, you can also choose from a 235 kw (320 hp) sport diesel engine.


The BMW X1 is the perfect vehicle for those who want to interpret driving pleasure in line with their own needs and wants. Its SAV proportions demonstrate impressive aplomb, its interior enormous flexibility. Through the BMW xLine and the BMW Sport Line it offers two design worlds that allow you to set particular accents in the exterior and interior. Thanks to a combination of BMW EfficientDynamics measures and efficient BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engines, the BMW X1 boasts impressively low consumption and emission values in all engine versions. The BMW X1 impresses in everyday urban life with its compact exterior dimensions. Concealed behind them is far more than you might possibly imagine. Due to the high roof line, its typical SAV body shape makes the interior feel especially spacious and inviting. Another factor for this roomy feeling is the extremely clear view from the elevated seating position and the large window surfaces all round. Yet this impression of the BMW X1 is not purely subjective: 56 cm of leg room in the rear offer a comfortable seat on long journeys even for tall passengers.


Pulls away with authority: the new BMW Z4 First Edition opens up a new dimension of open-air driving pleasure from every perspective. An edition model with the aesthetics of a roaster and the dynamics of a BMW M automobile. Exclusively available for a limited period. Featuring an exclusive Frozen Orange Metallic paint finish. With the roof open or closed – this exceptional BMW Roadster strives to achieve boundless freedom using its 340 hp to the full. The BMW Z4 model will be presented for the first time in October in Paris at the Mondial de l’Automobile. Leave the mainstream behind and experience unique freedom: this is what the BMW Z4 First Edition reflects perfectly from front to rear. The exclusive paint finish in Frozen Orange metallic displays the muscular surfaces in an impressively precise design language. And thus extracts a new level of expressive power from the classic roadster genes. The BMW Z4 First Edition – a tribute to individual sheer driving pleasure. BMW Z4 First Edition is both athletic and self-assured. Hexagonal Bi-LED headlights with tubes arranged vertically for the very first time are aligned fluidly to the side, opening up the view to the centre: the flat, low-lying BMW kidney grille with its mesh design. Together with the M-specific air inlets, this adds extra breadth to the appearance of the front. Exclusive sporting flair designed for the road.


A sports car that changes every road. The BMW M2 Competition overwhelms with an outstanding combination of performance, agility and precision. The enlarged air inlets in the front apron signal the concentrated power of the new 410 hp Bi-turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine. The BMW M2 Competition is a permanent guarantee of high performance and the aspiration to set new records. A genuine M automobile, built for winners. The BMW M2 Competition doesn’t need a finish line to be first. With its tremendous performance potential and outstanding agility, it leaves the competition far behind. The two weight-optimised turbochargers ensure that the high performance power unit exhibits an extremely direct response and unbridled high-revving ability – perfect for fast sprints and sporty cornering. The sound of the M sport exhaust system can be adapted to the specific driving mode at the touch of a button – powerful and setting the tone at every moment. Tested on the racing circuit, the cooling concept ensures the optimum operating temperature while the M specific suspension guarantees precise handling. A vehicle for everyone who wants to dictate the race from the front.


An entirely new concept of sports car. More efficient – for example due to intelligent lightweight construction with carbon and aerodynamic design. More sustainable – with highly efficient BMW eDrive technology and recyclable materials in the interior. Without forfeiting dynamics and its sporting appearance. No compromises, but instead the optimum combination of driving pleasure and responsibility. The BMW i8 is a plug-in-hybrid that brings together the advantages of innovate electric motor and combustion engine technologies. The result is an extraordinary driving experience – with extremely low consumption and low emissions. The BMW i8 is ready to revolutionise its vehicle class. As the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car. The strength of the plug-in hybrid lies, among other factors, in the perfect synchronisation of electric motor and combustion engine, which makes itself apparent in maximum efficiency and dynamics on the road. The first sports car that even accelerates the zeitgeist. The combination of an electric motor and a powerful petrol engine provides the foundation for one of the most innovative sports cars of our time – the BMW i8. The sporty character of the vehicle is evident at all times. Precise interplay between combustion engine and electric drive ensures efficiency and dynamism in equal measure.

How to sell my BMW

BMW pre-owned cars are sought after in the ever changing used car market in Australia. When you’re looking to sell your BMW there are a few things you need to remember. Your car is wanted by many, but not many can afford to buy BMW. You need to be very careful in selecting a way to sell and who to sell to. You don’t want to take an unnecessary risks when it comes to selling your BMW in the used car market. Whether you sell privately or to a used BMW dealer do your research and take precautions.

How to get the best valuation for your car?

Valuing a car is an artform, and not everyone is qualified to do it. You can certainly do your research online to see what pre-owned BMW for sale are listed for, but how do you know they’re selling for that price? The only sure way to know what your BMW is worth is to do an online valuation. Cars Always Wanted has a free car valuation app that you can use to understand what your car should be worth and what you need to sell it for to sell it fast.

We don't just buy BMW

At Cars Always Wanted we don’t just buy Used BMW, we buy all makes and models of luxury cars. This means our valuers not only know yours and other BMW models, but they know all of your competition and can let you know your chances of a quick sale privately and also offer you cash for your car.

So how do I sell my BMW to you? It’s simple, just follow the steps below:

  • Contact us
  • Complete an online valuation
  • We come to you to evaluate your car
  • We can professionally photograph
  • We buy your BMW from you OR
  • We advertise your car in our used BMW cars for sale
  • We complete all paperwork
  • We handle transfer and delivery
  • You get cash for your car

So for to see the range of BMW used cars for sale or the best price on your used BMW Sedan, hatch or wagon contact us now and start selling your BMW for cash.

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