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Cars Always Wanted doesn’t just sell your car for you; we buy your car as well. If you’re looking for a car buying service in Australia we can help. To get the best cars for our clients we’re willing to pay that little extra to you, the seller.

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Inspect your car and complete a no obligation valuation

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Make you a
cash offer

what we'll do?

No fees,
it all goes to you

what we'll do?
Buy My Car From Me

Help you pay out any loans and transfer the car

what we'll do?

Selling your car shouldn’t be hard, painful or time consuming. You should be able to take your much loved ride, pass it on and allow someone else to enjoy it, while you walk away with some well deserved cash.

But how do you sell it? Instead of trying to take your car to multiple places for valuation, or sell it to a private buyer you don’t know, simply drop in and get the best price here at Cars Always Wanted. We buy any car, not just new cars; we buys used cars across the Australia every day so we can help you sell your car online anywhere in Australia. Our showroom is conveniently located at Badgally Road Campbelltown NSW.

At Cars Always Wanted we have qualified valuers on site ready to evaluate your car and buy your used car, settle on a price and take it off your hands. If you’re looking at replacing your old car Best Buy also sells second hand cars and there are plenty to choose from.

If you need to leave Australia, leave it with us, we can still take care of the whole transaction on your behalf and make sure you get the best price for your car, rather than off loading it for less because you need to leave.

So if you are wondering, “who will buy my car for cash?” then you’re on the right site. contact Cars Always Wanted when you need to sell your used car and you’ll see why we call ourselves Cars Always Wanted!

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You fill out our requirements form

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We touch base & make sure we’re on the same page

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We do the leg work

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We find your car

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We negotiate the price

We get your inspection done

We deliver your car

You celebrate with friends





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Hassle Free!

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